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Addiction is an excruciating, unhappy illness to live with, and there are a lot of individuals that are afflicted by dependency to drugs or alcohol, and those that have loved ones that are afflicted by dependency to drugs and alcohol. The rehabilitation process, or rehab, is to help addicts come to terms with their dependency, learn how to identify and steer clear of triggers that make them use, and learn how to live successfully as a recovering addict. Rehab Centers NY creates individualized, custom-designed treatment plans to fulfill the physical, mental, social, medical, vocational, and emotional requirements of all their clients, and offers a wholesome, sympathetic setting for addicts who want to begin recovering from drug or alcohol dependency.


What Does Rehabilitation Centers Do?

Due to the fact that many addicts might now realize their dependency on drugs and alcohol is a problem, or might oppose treatment, intervention is usually the first step in their recovery. With the help of many Intervention Centers NY, friends, family, and loved ones of an addict can plan an intervention with the goal of confronting the addict about their drug and alcohol problem, present the addict with the ways they’ve harmed themselves and others, and encourage them to enter a treatment facility. In New York, Rehab Centers encourage using a qualified interventionist to guide an effective intervention. An intervention won’t prevent an addict from using drugs and/or alcohol, and it should NOT be confuse with treatment. An intervention MUST be followed up by rehabilitation.


Detox is another step of rehabilitation that many (though, not all) addicts might require prior to treatment. Since withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable and distressful, detox offers an excellent detox, or detoxification, which detox, or detoxification, is a medically supervised process designed to safely withdraw the addict. It is possible that an addict could require certain medicine or an IV for hydration and nutrition. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, opiates, and some types of substances can actually be deadly without clinical supervision, so for addicts affected by dependency to those substances, detox is incredibly important. ’Cold turkey’ can be a dangerous, and even fatal choice, although lots of people mistakenly assume it’s safe. It is important to understand that detox is NOT treatment, and will only help an addict withdraw from drugs and alcohol, not end the addiction.


Rehab provides treatment for people at all levels of dependency, whether they have only started displaying signs of addiction, or are continuing abusers drugs or alcohol. Most Treatment Centers NY’s services include, but aren’t limited to, treatment for alcohol, opiates (heroin, codeine), prescribed drugs (pharmaceuticals, hydrocodone, oxycodone), designer drugs (bath salts, many stimulants), crystal meth, cocaine, hallucinogens, and marijuana. For the most powerful and effective treatment, rehab center assesses how debilitating the dependency is, any contributing psychological components (such as co-occurring disorders), and what path to recovery will be the most effective for every individual client.


Rehabilitation Center Can Help!

Someone who is so profoundly addicted to a drug, or to alcohol, that they will hurt not only themselves, but will harm people they love, obviously suffers from an insidious, scary disease. Sadly, there is not any ‘miracle cure’ for dependency not like some other sicknesses, but people who seek treatment at certified, accredited treatment programs often find success in recovery. All Rehab Services NY’s treatment plans are not only fact-based, but medically proven, and include individual and group therapy sessions, physical and recreational activities, participation in 12-step meetings, behavioral modeling, and all of the comforts of inpatient living at the affordable cost of an outpatient facility. For information about interventions, detox, rehab programs, and addiction in general, or for help with dependency, or to help a loved one with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, call NYC Rehab Center.